Our BCT Undergraduate Major Learning Outcomes are listed below. You can also find learning outcomes for individual courses on this page.

  1. Acquire a breadth of management and communication skills and demonstrate an understanding of key business aspects of industries in building and construction, especially related to design, specifying, construction planning and management, and materials and services supply.
  2. Specify materials, methods, and building/structural systems common to residential and commercial construction projects.
  3. Evaluate and specify building energy systems and materials with respect to their ecological impact and their contribution to sustainable design.
  4. Understand the physical, mechanical, and environmental attributes of commercial and residential wood construction.
  5. Analyze, estimate, and communicate building project requirements based on thorough knowledge of drawing sets and specifications, contractual documents, CAD (Computer Aided Design) and BIM (Building Information Modeling).
  6. Contribute responsibly to a sustainable built environment.