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Service & Space Requests

Service & Space Request Forms

Facilities & Campus Services provides a range of services to the campus community from general construction and maintenance to specialized permitting. Below is a list of the FCS services you can request on-line. Contact the Facilities Service Center at 545-6401 for help or if you don't see what you're looking.

Once you submit a service request, you should be contacted within 24-48 hours to confirm the information. Click the corresponding letter icon to make a request or access a service. The link or form will open in a new window or tab, and may require the use of your Spire/HR Direct username and password.

General (Non-emergency) Work Request General (Non-emergency) Service Request
You should use the service request form if you're looking for a service provided by Facilities & Campus Services (building or grounds maintenance, alterations, or custodial work). After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email and periodic emails to update you on the status of your request. You must be connected to the campus network, either via hard wire, eduroam, or VPN/Global Protect in order to access the form.

NOTE: If you're having an emergency (lock-out, trapped in an elevator, water leak, etc.), please call the Facilities Service Center at 545-6401. Do not use this form!

For emergencies involving fire, fire potential, loss of life, bodily injury, life-threatening or criminal activity, chemicals or other environmental hazards, call 911 if using a campus phone. If using a cell or off-campus phone, direct dial 413-545-3111.

letter A Express your Appreciation
Psychologists tell us it takes seven thank you's to outweight one criticism. If a Facilities employee has done a good job, please let us know. These expressions of gratitudes will be published in the Facilites Management quarterly Kudos Newsletter.
Card Access Card Access Request
Card access requests for individual faculty, staff, and students are made electronically by use of this form.  We will process your request as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE: a notification will be sent to the requester when access has been granted. DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR STANDARD METAL KEY REQUESTS; see the "K" icon --Key Request --below.
campus data request form Campus Data Request Form
Sustainable UMass makes campus data available in order to advance the University's academic mission by using campus data as a living laboratory for research and discussion. Make your request through this form. (Login required.)
Dig Safe Request Dig Safe Request
Any time ground is to be broken on campus, a Dig Safe permit is required. This runs the gamut from major construction to simply putting up tents and signs, and is mandated by Massachusetts law in order to ensure the protection of underground utilities like electric and fiber-optic conduit, telecom & television lines, water, and steam and sewer lines. Dig Safe Training and Certification (for employee and non-employee excavators).
  Drawing Request
If you need a floor plan, please email Sam Buck with the following information: building, floor, explanation of why you need the drawing, and a deadline by which you need the floor plan. 
Indoor Event Support Request Indoor Event Support Request
Use this form to request FCS support for any indoor event, including custodial and moving services. A current event service fee schedule is available here.
Key Request Key Request
Metal key requests: Use this form for new metal key requests.(Metal key recipients: See the Key Issuance Agreement Memo about the agreement you will need to sign when you pick up the key.) Do not use this for form for Card Access Requests. See the "C" icon Card Access Request above.
Meet & Greet Service Request Meet & Greet Service Request
The Meet and Greet Service provides ground transportation to and from the Amherst campus. Submit a request through Transit Services.
Moving Services Moving Services
Effective 3-13-2023: Use the General (Non-emergency) Service Request Form to request moving services.  You must be connected to the campus network, either via hard wire, eduroam, or VPN/Global Protect in order to access the form.
Outdoor Event (Land Use) Request Outdoor Event (Land Use) Request
Use this form to request FCS support for any outdoor event, including custodial and moving services. See our Outdoor Event/Land Use Planning brochure for guidance.
Pothole Notification Pothole Notification
Please use the General (Non-emergency) Service Request form. See the link to it above.
Digital Road Sign Digital Road Sign
Physical Plant has three digital road signs available to the campus community for reservation.
Space Request Space Request
Space & Asset Management keeps accurate floor plans and records of over thirteen million square feet of campus space. Please review this form with your Department Chair/Director, so they are better able to reflect your wishes when they complete the form. Requests submitted by somebody other than the Department Chair/Director and lacking approval of the appropriate Associate Dean/Assistant Vice Chancellor will not be considered by the Space Management Team.
Surplus Equipment Disposal Request Surplus Equipment Disposal Request
Use this form to request removal and/or disposal of lab or office equipment or furniture.
Vehicle Access Request Vehicle Access Request
Request access for a vehicle to restricted areas including pedestrian-only zones on the UMass Amherst campus.  See the map of the current (as of January 1, 2017) center-campus Pedestrian-only Zone.