Established in 2016 through a generous gift by Trimble Inc., this lab expands the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s leadership in training and research in 3D building design, digital fabrication and the sustainable built environment. Partnering with Trimble allows UMass Amherst to more fully integrate across its curricula the technological tools that are rapidly transforming how building and living environments are designed and constructed.

Potential applications of these technologies range from the scanning of historic buildings to ensure their preservation, design and 3D printing of architectural building models, digital fabrication of custom-lab equipment, coastal erosion monitoring, and improvements in construction cost estimating and scheduling to reduce costs.

The TTL provides access to state of the art equipment like:

  • Laser building scanners
  • Imaging rovers
  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers
  • Total stations
  • Theodolites
  • Auto-levels

In addition, the following software applications are available on computers in the Trimble Technology Lab (room 260) in the Olver Design Building:

  • SketchUp Pro
  • Sefaira Architecture
  • RealWorks scanning software
  • Trimble Business Center
  • Vico Office Suite
  • GCEstimator™ Suite
  • Tekla® Structures

For a complete listing of equipment and software, including links to learning resources, visit the following page:

How Can You Use the Lab / Equipment?

Equipment and software in this lab are being made available to everyone in the Design Building and elsewhere on the UMass campus. Most of the software is available in DB 260 to anyone with a UMass NetID.  Custom installations can also be arranged (with sufficient lead-time).

To request use of any equipment, follow this procedure:

  1. Review the Equipment and Software page and identify the equipment you are interested in,
  2. Contact Alex Schreyer, Senior Lecturer II in BCT and discuss the use at least one week prior to use,
  3. Fill out the Trimble Technology Lab Equipment Usage Agreement and get all signatures,
  4. Submit the agreement to Alex Schreyer at last one week prior to use and coordinate pickup and drop-off.

News and Projects

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For a list of projects and news related to the lab click on the image below, which leads to the Trimble Technology Lab Blog. You can also find out which UMass courses are using software or equipment that the TTL provides.

On this site you can find BCT student and faculty projects that use the TTL in our news feed under the Trimble Technology Lab tag.

Faculty Contact

Alexander Schreyer, Senior Lecturer II, TTL Director