Below is a list of all currently open positions in our program. This includes faculty positions as well as student work opportunities (e.g. TA-/RA-ships).

Faculty Positions

Student Jobs

Class TA-Ships:

These are usually available to current students who have taken these classes and received a B or better. Contact the respective instructors directly for these.

ClassSemesterHoursTA LevelContact
BCT 220F 2410/week @ $15/hrUndergradProf. Schreyer
BCT 304F 2410/week @ $15/hrUndergradProf. Schreyer
BCT 320F 2410/week @ $15/hrUndergradProf. Schreyer
BCT 353F 2410/week @ $16 hrUndergradProf. Romero
BCT 559F 2410/week @ $16 hrUndergradProf. Romero


  • Nothing available at this time.