Why hire BCT students?

Building and Construction Technology graduates combine a passion for sustainable and resource-efficient building with a solid background in construction, building science and technology, business and construction project management.

During their studies at UMass, BCT students enjoy an applied, project-based learning environment while receiving the required technical and scientific foundation for their future career. Our curriculum combines courses centered around sustainable building in the areas of construction technology, materials performance and engineering, building systems and energy, estimating, business and project management, marketing, digital tools, as well as written and oral communications. You can find the complete list of courses on this page. Many of our classes are interdisciplinary, which gives our students knowledge of related fields and prepares them well for teamwork and collaboration.

You can learn more about our undergraduate and graduate programs on our About Us page.

PLEASE NOTE: All recruitment at the University of Massachusetts Amherst must adhere to our Terms and Conditions.

Submit a Job to the BCT Job Board

If you have an offer for permanent, part-time, internship, co-op, summer or volunteer employment, send it to us on our new Submit a Job page. We will disseminate it to our students and alumni via job board, email lists, etc. as appropriate. Make sure you include a link to the offer and a way to contact you.

Submit a Job

Manage your posted jobs on the Job Dashboard

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In addition, you can also submit any job offers on the UMass Handshake site. Students across campus check that site internship opportunities.

BCT Career Fairs

We are hosting two BCT career fairs per year (October and February). Follow the link below or simply contact us if you are interested in participating (previous participants will be re-invited automatically).

BCT Career Fairs

BCT Students’ (LinkedIn) Resume Book

We maintain a (voluntary) list of our students’ LinkedIn profiles for potential employers. You can find this list on the following page and contact them directly using the information they provide:

BCT Students’ (LinkedIn) Resume Book

How else can you reach out to our students?

  • In addition to the BCT career fair, other UMass departments organize (semi-)annual career fairs that are frequently attended by our students as well. UMass Career Services maintains a calendar right here.
  • Every spring we are offering a 1-credit seminar (BCT 492A) to approx. 80 juniors and graduating seniors. Companies that are actively hiring are invited to present about their corporate culture and employment possibilities. Some even conduct interviews right afterwards. Contact the program director if you are interested in participating.
  • We have a LinkedIn group where any relevant company can directly reach our students and alumni. Click on the LinkedIn icon in the sidebar to to request membership and we will approve it, as appropriate.
  • You can always call or email the program director, Alexander Schreyer, with any inquiries.