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This section provides useful links for current, prospective, and even former students in Building and Construction Technology. Here you can find information on student activities, study abroad programs, certifications, the many career opportunities that are available to graduates, where to get your BCT schwag, and much more. Learn more about:

 Our student groups/chapters: NAHB, AGC, USGBC

 Careers / Employers and visit the Job Board

 Certifications / Licensing

 Study Abroad Programs

 Tech Guide, Software List and Safety Guide 

 BCT schwag and business cards

 The BCT Reading Room

 BCT Alumni with our collection of Class Pictures

 And let’s not forget our Fun Stuff

For academic information about our undergraduate program, minor, graduate program, and financial aid visit the Academics page instead.

Stay in Contact

We strongly encourage our current BCT students and alumni to subscribe to our email lists:

The email lists are an important tool for informing students of career opportunities, both full-time and summer work, academic, advising and other news of interest to the BCT community. Other news will be posted on the Facebook page, and the LinkedIn group is a great way to reach out to alumni.