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The Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) is an excellent insurance plan for UMass students. University Health Services (UHS) also accepts comparable private insurance and certain MassHealth plans.

Massachusetts requires all college students to have comprehensive health insurance. Students taking five or more credits are automatically enrolled in the individual SHBP each semester and charged on the semester's tuition bill.

If you plan to use private health insurance or MassHealth instead of the SHBP, you must waive the SHBP by the add/drop deadline of the semester you start at UMass, and every fall semester you are enrolled in 5+ credits.

If you don't waive by the deadline, you'll remain enrolled in the SHBP, and charges will be assessed on the semester's tuition bills.

About the SHBP

Students who remain enrolled in the SHBP must print a new insurance card each academic year. You can access a copy of your cards by logging into the Wellfleet website. Under Student Options, select Print ID Cards. Please note that you must print a copy of your new card prior to medical appointments and using the pharmacy. Your health plan information changes each academic year; therefore, your old cards will not be sufficient.

Make It Make Sense: Health Insurance Basics for UMass Students

Watch this 16-minute video that will help you understand concepts like...

  • HMO vs. PPO plans
  • Copays, coinsurance & deductibles
  • How the Student Health Benefit Plan compares to private insurance
  • Under what circumstances you may receive a bill from UHS
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The SHBP Family Plan

Comprehensive insurance coverage for the whole family. Members do not pay copays or deductibles for services at UHS! Choose the SHBP family plan if you are a UMass student with a spouse, domestic partner and/or dependent children. Enrollment must be renewed annually by the fall add/drop deadline.

Health Insurance FAQs