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Download the Enrollment Form

For students enrolling their spouse, domestic partner, and/or children in the SHBP Family Plan.

Family plan enrollments must be submitted every fall semester before the add/drop deadline.

Download the Affidavit of Domestic Partnership

For students enrolling their domestic partner in the SHBP Family Plan.

The SHBP Family Plan covers a student’s spouse or same-sex domestic partner, and/or unmarried dependent children under age 26.

To purchase the family plan and enroll eligible family members, you must be personally enrolled in the SHBP. A marriage certificate (or, for domestic partners, an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership) and birth certificates for qualifying dependents are required to enroll in the family plan. Enrollments may take up to 20 business days to process.

Family plan enrollments must be renewed annually each fall by filling out the Enrollment Form.

Before the end of the add/drop period, bring forms to University Health Services, mail them to us at the address below, or fax them to 413-577-5023.

University Health Services
Attn: Patient Services
150 Infirmary Way
Amherst, MA 01003-9288

Plan Rates (Spring Semester 2024)

Eligible GEO members receive an exemption of 95% of the plan rates!

Undergraduate Rates

  • Individual SHBP: $1,116,00
  • SHBP Family Plan*: $3,726.00

*Family plan purchase requires individual plan purchase

  • Individual Plan Total, Spring 2024: $1,116.00
  • Family Plan Total, Spring 2024: $4,842.00

Graduate Rates

  • Individual SHBP*: $2,054.50
  • Individual Graduate Student Health Fee: $428.00

*Individual SHBP purchase requires payment of the individual graduate student health fee

  • SHBP Family Plan*: $3,726.00
  • Family Student Health Fee: $1,416.00

*Family plan purchase requires individual SHBP purchase and payment of the family student health fee

  • Individual Plan Total, Spring 2024: $2,482.50
  • Family Plan Total, Spring 2024: $7,624.50

For Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) rates or other questions, call UHS Patient Services: call (413) 577-5192