Medical Excuse Notes

Students with symptoms of acute illness may appropriately refrain from attending classes, due to inability to effectively engage in learning, to exercise appropriate self-care, or to prevent infection transmission. Students are not required to visit University Health Services, except as needed to care for their illness, and should not be directed to any medical care facility merely for the purpose of obtaining a verification note.

If a student misses multiple academic commitments due to illness, the student may request written documentation from UHS that supports their need for absence. This is ideally done at the time of a medical visit for that illness.  As above, multiple absences does not always indicate a need for medical care, and medical visits should not be arranged for the sole purpose of generating a verification note.

If a student is seen at UHS and recognizes the need for a note at a later date, they can request a visit verification note to be sent to them electronically through the secure patient portal by calling the UHS triage nurse at (413) 577-5229.