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New Student To-Do List

Obtain your immunization records

Download the Required Immunizations Form and have your healthcare provider complete and sign it. Alternatively, obtain official immunization records from your doctor's office, school or military sources. 

Submit your immunization records

Log in to the UMass Patient Portal with your UMass NetID. Then go to Action Items > Immunization Records (syringe icon) to submit your records.

Decide if you will keep or waive the Student Health Benefit Plan (SHBP)

The SHBP is the UMass-sponsored health insurance. All students taking 5+ credits are automatically enrolled in and billed for the SHBP. If you want to use private insurance or MassHealth instead, you must submit the SHBP waiver.

Waivers become available on the Wellfleet website in mid-July and are due every fall semester by the graduate add/drop deadline. Waivers submitted in the fall apply to both semesters. (Spring semester entrants can waive the SHBP by submitting the waiver by the spring graduate add/drop deadline).

Bring your health insurance card(s)

If you keep the SHBP, be sure to print a new copy of your insurance card from the Wellfleet website each academic year. If you will use other insurance, obtain copies of your plan ID, prescription drug and health savings account cards. A photo of the front and back of each card also works.

Enter health insurance information & complete required forms on the Patient Portal

  1. Log in to the UMass Patient Portal with your UMass NetID.
  2. Go to Action Items > Forms (pencil icon) to complete required forms.
  3. Go to Action Items > Insurance (umbrella icon) to enter your health insurance information and upload a photo of the front and back of your insurance card.