The University of Massachusetts Amherst



Meredith Rolfe
DACSS Program Director


Donna Utakis
DACSS Program Manager


Dorota Glosowitz
Manager of Communications, Outreach and Recruitment


Al Simon
Career Services and External Relations Manager



DACSS Student Employees

Imani Wallace
Diversity Specialist


Zach Steward
Social Media Specialist


Roselyn Abassah-Manu
DACSS Research Fellow


Leah Dion
Student Outreach Ambassador


Zutima Tuladhar
Student Outreach Ambassador


Isha Mahajan
Student Outreach Ambassador


Jade Bolger
Office Administrative Assistant/Design Specialist


Tyler Tewksbury
Journalist and Social Media Assistant



DACSS Undergraduate Research Engagement Program (UREPs)

Interested in being a part of the DACSS team and earning credit while doing so?  We are looking for students to fill a number of positions, including: 

Survey Research Project Assistant

Program Videographer

Program Researcher in Quantitative Education

Social Media/Marketing Assistant

Program Journalist

Program Researcher in Educational Technology

Data Visualization Assistant