As an Economics major at UMass Amherst, you'll study the field as a social science used to examine the behavior and choices of individuals and groups. You'll also build real-world experience through research opportunities with faculty; internships in cities including Boston and Washington, DC; and shadowing SBS alumni and other hosts in their workplaces.

Your courses include macro- and microeconomic theory, market structures, economic development, and public policy with an eye toward the development of critical thinking, data analysis, and civic engagement. You'll also take several mathematics-based courses, including two levels of calculus and at least one statistics course, and choose from a range of electives in topics including political economy, development, government policy, business and finance, and co-operative businesses to suit your career goals and interests.

Our faculty members are experts both in and out of the classroom, publishing and advising on topics such as marriage laws, minimum wage laws, health care, income inequality, and rural development, among many others.