The research of our faculty helps us to understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities facing our society.

Bird's eye view of a large group of people gathered on a street in a city


Many SBS professors are routinely tapped to offer expert opinions in leading journals, in national media outlets, as expert witnesses, and in congressional testimony.

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) is proud to support the research of our diverse and innovative faculty members. Our faculty develop and publish impactful, essential research that offers real-world, tangible outcomes on various social, cultural, racial, and economic issues. Researchers within SBS routinely receive funding and fellowships from organizations such as the National Science Foundation as well as awards and acclaim for their work. 

The College strongly commits to many social science research approaches, including basic, applied, and community-engaged research. Faculty members have access to many resources and funding opportunities to support their work, including grants available through the Dean's Research Council. 

Our commitment to research extends to undergraduate research through programs that help students develop the necessary skills to participate in real-world, faculty-guided research projects.