Studying regional planning at UMass Amherst will hone your ability to address and resolve physical, economic, and social problems experienced in towns, cities, and larger regions.

By undertaking both creative and systematic approaches, you'll learn to devise large-scale solutions using a blend of theoretical, historical, social, political, and technical dimensions of planning practice.

Our department is dedicated to creating sustainable solutions to complex problems, with particular strengths in greenway planning, green infrastructure, and interpreting the role of open space and communities within their regional context.

Our faculty are leaders in investigating entrepreneurship, development and redevelopment, technological change, and the reuse of industrial space to meet new social and economic needs.

You'll also experience a strong emphasis on real-world practice through studio and service to communities in our region and on a global scale.

Involved on the frontiers of social change since the 1960s, our alumni can be found in all levels of government as well as in consulting practice, real estate development, private industry, and in academic and research activities.