As a Managerial Economics major within the Department of Resource Economics, students can expect to develop expertise in accounting, finance, business strategies, and market demand analysis. You will dive into a math-heavy curriculum that trains you to fully understand microeconomic theory, data analysis, and quantitative methods. Your classes will emphasize team-based learning, providing group problem-solving skills that are invaluable in career and graduate school settings. 

Students in the major also engage in work related to industrial organization, public policy, experimental economics, and behavioral economics. Microeconomic models and case studies are incorporated into the curriculum to demonstrate how an individual can make wise choices to operate effectively within a complex economy of millions of businesses linked by thousands of markets. 

With a BS in Managerial Economics, students are well prepared for a number of business and analytics-oriented careers, including research, planning, marketing, and managerial positions with a wide range of firms and governmental agencies.