Public policy explores how the government addresses challenges such as those presented by climate change, healthcare, education, immigration, technology, and others. As a major, you will consider how the government, nonprofits, the private sector, and individuals work together to decipher these social issues. You will learn tangible skills, including management and leadership, that allow you to turn your big ideas for change into action. 

Majors take introductory courses that ask big questions and engage in current policy debates. Next, students build core understanding of policy through courses on process, economics, statistics, and writing. Majors explore policy and management in depth through topical electives, culminating in a capstone project, where seniors will bring together acquired skills and knowledge to address real situations requiring policy answers.

As a student in the program, mentors will aid you in becoming a leader and change agent in local, national, or international arenas. Alumni have gone on to careers in government, nonprofit and social enterprises, and the private sector. Students are also well placed to pursue law or other graduate studies.