In the Master of Regional Planning (MRP) program at UMass Amherst, you’ll engage in both intellectual and the professional aspects of devising large-scale solutions for the betterment of towns, cities, and larger regions.

The MRP offers you a broad education in the field and in the classroom, covering areas such as the underlying theories in planning, urban form, urbanization, elements of the planning and decision-making processes, policy analysis and implementation, social planning, information technology and planning tools and techniques.

You can choose to hone your degree in one of several specialized areas to suit your professional goals:

  • Climate Resilience and Green Infrastructure
  • Community Development and Cultural Preservation
  • Technology Innovation and Regional Economy
  • Student Designed Specialization

The MRP is also fully accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board in cooperation with the American Planning Association, which offers graduates multiple benefits:

  • Reduced time to American Institute of Certified Planners eligibility
  • Higher likely career earning potential
  • Improved job market competitiveness.