Interdisciplinary Studies (BA/BS)

UMass UWW student wearing a cap, gown, and silver sash, standing and smiling at the outdoor UMass commencement ceremony. Superimposed on the photo is a red, white, and blue U.S. News and World Report Badge- Best Online Programs Bachelor's 2021.

Finish Your Degree.

The University Without Walls (UWW) Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at UMass Amherst is designed to help adults just like you complete their first bachelor's degrees at a world-class public university. 

For fifty years, everything we have built—from our flexible, customizable, online degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, to awarding credit for experience, to advising support—is designed to meet the needs and address the unique challenges faced by adult degree completion students like you.  

Why choose UWW Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Completion?

Each of our students has a story behind why they didn't finish college. When you become a UWW Interdisciplinary Studies student, you join a powerful community of adult learners just like you who are determined to finish. As time-tested experts in degree completion, we will be with you, every step of the way. 

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Learn how you can finish your degree—studying what you want to study, and getting the credit and support you deserve.

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