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HFA Advising & Career Center

Besides providing world-class education to our students, the College of Humanities and Fine Arts is committed to helping them successfully navigate their academic careers, and blaze a trail toward their professional careers. The HFA Advising and Career Center is a resource for students who have declared or are interested in declaring majors or minors in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts.

We serve as an active partner with undergraduate students as they strive for personal and academic success at UMass Amherst. Through the HFA Advising and Career Center’s one-on-one advising and mentoring, student programs, workshops, events, and other initiatives, students are encouraged to think critically about their college experience and their future in order to become engaged citizens and professionals in a global world.

E-202 South College (off the Commons)
250 Hicks Way 
University of Massachusetts 
Amherst, MA 01003

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HFA Student Leadership Board (SLB)

Student Leadership Board tablecloth outdoors"A student-led group that promotes Community, Connections and Fun within HFA!"

Funded and supported by the College of Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA), the HFA Student Leadership Board (SLB) is an active student-led group of undergraduates whose mission is to foster a sense of community within the college and university by organizing fun HFA-centered events and projects that enable passionate students to explore and experience the Humanities and Fine Arts together outside of the classroom.

The SLB is an official Registered Student Organization (RSO) that meets weekly throughout the semester. Projects and events include: Publishing "The Scribe," HFA's student-run literary and arts publication, and planning small and large HFA-centered events such as the HFA Student Showcase, Open Mic Nights and outings to New York City for only $20.00 (when Broadway reopens).

How to get involved and for more information

Follow us on: Instagram: @hfa_slb | Facebook: HFAStudentLeaders | Twitter: @UMassScribe
Or, email Dylan, the group’s Advisor, at

Weekly Meetings

For the Spring 2021 semester, join us for our weekly meeting on Zoom Tuesdays 7-8 p.m.

All UMass Amherst students are welcome!