BDIC 2021 Senior Celebration Program

Congratulations, BDIC Class of 2020!

I’m sorry that we aren’t able to be together to celebrate your graduation from UMass and I’m also delighted that you are graduating!  You are now part of a vibrant fifty-year tradition of excellence in the BDIC program.  As students in BDIC, you have demonstrated your intellectual curiosity and creativity in new and exciting ways.  You have identified new ways of exploring long-standing disciplines. You have posed new questions to your professors and pushed the boundaries of academic inquiry in previously unexplored directions.  Most of all, you have challenged yourselves to create, think and learn.  With the support of faculty, staff and, of course, your classmates, you have created and educational experience that is truly unique and truly your own.  For this, you deserve tremendous congratulations!

You are leaving college in a moment of profound and unprecedented upheaval, and I imagine that you are wondering about what lies ahead. While nobody can ever know what the future holds, today we are all hoping for better days.  I also hope that the independence, creativity, determination, and resilience that motivated you to create your own course of study in college continues to motivate you.  Your education has prepared you in so many ways to understand and face the questions, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  No matter your area of academic concentration, you each leave UMass with knowledge and skills that will serve you well.  You have developed friendships and connections with each other, with your advisors and your professors, and I hope these relationships continue to offer you support, encouragement and new ways of thinking about your next steps.

I look forward to welcoming you back to campus for a celebration of your graduation in the future and hope you will return as proud alumni to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the BDIC program!


Barbara Krauthamer

Senior Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Programs

BDIC offers students the opportunity to design their own majors. 

In collaboration with advisors, BDIC students develop focused, interdisciplinary concentrations with classes from across UMass and the Five College Consortium.  Interested?  Visit the BDIC office in CHC 230 to talk with a Peer Advisor.