Boldly challenging the boundaries and reimagining what is possible

Image from biomedical lab


Bold new ideas are born in our labs. Our faculty and students are committed to translating cutting-edge research into transformative innovations.

Extraordinary research is underway in the College of Engineering. Our faculty are developing lifesaving medical devices and therapeutics and designing the smart infrastructures of the future. We are tackling climate change and sustainability and revolutionizing materials science, computing, and cybersecurity.  

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Our research is organized across:

  • eight cross-college thematic research areas that are central to our mission
  • interdisciplinary research centers and initiatives occurring at the campus level
  • faculty-led research projects within our five departments

Our world-class faculty are key collaborators in numerous campus-based research centers, institutes, and lab groups including the Institute for Applied Life Sciences. Engineers help lead the Center for e-Design, the Elaine Marieb Center for Nursing and Engineering Innovation, the Paros Center for Atmospheric Research, the UMass Transportation Center, the Wind Energy Center, the National Center for Innovative Small Drinking Water Systems, and Robotics @UMass Amherst.

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