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Research and Innovation to Improve Human Health

The Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS) translates life science research into products that improve human health. This vision is achieved in collaboration with industry partners. Furthermore, IALS trains an entrepreneurial workforce skilled in the discovery, development, and manufacture of medical devices, biomolecules, and delivery vehicles for the life sciences.

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Biochemists Develop Molecular Probe to Measure Accessible Cholesterol in Cells

Alejandro Heuck, biochemistry and molecular biology and M2M, along with graduate students Ben Johnson and Mariana Breña recently published a paper in the Springer Nature journal Scientific Reports in which they describe how they developed a new molecular probe for measuring the amount of accessible cholesterol in cells.


Comprising 250 faculty from 7 colleges and 29 departments, conduct research and engage in hands-on education.


  • $150 million in new facilities
  • Industry Collaboratories
  • Prototype development and testing
  • Life Science & Advanced Manufacturing Service Providers


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