The University of Massachusetts Amherst

This program is a 15-credit certificate available to Chemical Engineering and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering students in the College of Engineering. Other Engineering students also may enroll in the certificate program if they have the proper background, have taken prerequisite courses, or have instructors' permission.

The required courses for this certificate are:

  1. MIE 201 (3 credits) – Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
  2. ChE/MIE 571 (3 credits) – Physical & Chemical Processing of Materials
  3. ChE/MIE 572 (1 credit) – Physical & Chemical Processing of Materials Project
  4. ChE 573 (1 credit) – Materials Science & Engineering Project
  5. MIE 609 or equivalent (3 credits) – Mechanical Behavior of Materials
  6. ChE/MIE 579 or equivalent (3 credits) – Advanced Materials Engineering

Polymer 501 is a recommended course for the program.

For further information and advice, please contact Professor Jessica Schiffman at schiffman [at] umass [dot] edu.