Industrial engineers solve business problems by taking an economics perspective, applying computer science techniques to analyze data and develop decision support systems, and using psychology to ensure that the human element in the system is well understood and accounted for.

The MS degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research is a 30-credit program. The course-only option consists of 10 courses, while the thesis option requires 7 courses and a 9-credit thesis. Undergraduate students in the UMass Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department can apply for fast-track admission to the MS program through a 5-year BS/MS plan.

In addition to the Graduate School requirements stated in the Graduate School Catalog, all MS students in the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Program are required to take the six courses as outlined here.

The new field experience concentration allows students to focus on practical application, both inside the classroom through project-heavy courses and far from campus on internships, co-ops or practicum opportunities.

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