The Graduate Certificate in Decision Analytics is offered by the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department and consists of three courses in its graduate curriculum: MIE 621: Descriptive Analytics; MIE 622: Predictive Analytics and Statistical Learning; and MIE 623: Prescriptive Analytics. By completing the courses associated with this certificate, students will gain the full spectrum of data analytics and decision-making skills, including:

  • Descriptive Analytics: What happened? How can we best analyze, understand, and display the existing data?
  • Predictive Analytics: What will happen? How are our variables of interest dependent on the explanatory variables so that we can project into the future?
  • Prescriptive Analytics: What levers do we have to improve performance? How should they be modified to optimize the system?

Current MS students in Engineering Management (MSEM) or Industrial Engineering (MSIEOR) may apply for this certificate program. Non-matriculating students with STEM undergraduate degrees and sufficient technical backgrounds, as determined by the MSEM Program Director, are also invited to apply.