From designing technologies and systems that make society safer, greener, and more productive to turning data into knowledge that improves processes and mitigates risk in nearly every field, Industrial Engineering students do it all.

Industrial engineers (IEs) are systems thinkers who combine math, data science, engineering, economics, social science, and business methods to help organizations improve their products and services. As firms adopt new technology and capture ever-increasing data on all aspects of their operations, the need for IEs is growing rapidly. 

At UMass Amherst, you can choose from a variety of electives—including health-care operations management, facility layout and design, network optimization, and game theory—to match your degree to your career path and interests. You'll go beyond the classroom for hands-on learning through close interactions with our world-class faculty; research experiences in a variety of fields; and engagement in internships, co-ops, clubs, service-learning opportunitiesstudent groups and teams, and more. Upon graduation, you'll be able to contribute in sectors including business, aerospace, manufacturing, health care, and energy.