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The bold discoveries coming out of UMass Amherst research labs draw national and international attention, and frequently make headlines. Follow recent news, take a peek inside UMass research labs, and meet some of the faculty and students behind the lab goggles.

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Artistic vision of Springfield neighborhood.

Faculty and students in UMass Amherst’s Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning are envisioning more beautiful, healthy, livable neighborhoods and regions through community-engaged research.

Spread of food on table.

UMass Amherst scientists are conducting research to promote the safety of the food we eat—and to stop the spread of outbreaks when they occur.


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Go deeper and discover the stories behind the research. Learn how researchers at UMass Amherst are making a real-world impact, from the classroom to technological innovation to protecting the natural environment.

Accelerating the Future of Clean Energy

The UMass Amherst Clean Energy Extension provides technical assistance to municipalities, conducts applied research, and offers workforce training to achieve the Commonwealth’s sustainability goals.

Can Garden Basil Help Fight a Bee Epidemic?

Graduate student Seanne Clemente is investigating whether bumble bees can use plants to "self-medicate."

College of Engineering Celebrates 75 Years

For three-quarters of a century, UMass Amherst's top-ranked engineering program has been at the vanguard of research in fields ranging from quantum computing to wind energy to microwave remote sensing.

Bringing Revolutionary Breakthroughs Out Into the World

UMass Amherst’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem helps researchers take inventions and discoveries from ideation through the process of commercialization and, eventually, to market.

Examining 'Invisibility' Among Blue Collar Workers

UMass Amherst sociology graduate student Brandi Perri used her distinctive background as a former janitor to study the experiences of custodial crew members within a newly corporatized educational system.

Institute of Diversity Sciences

The Institute of Diversity Sciences (IDS) at UMass Amherst supports multidisciplinary research that aims to advance social justice and nurtures the success of diverse students as they enter the STEM workforce.

Partnering with Indigenous Communities to Confront Climate Change

An initiative led by UMass Amherst seeks to develop new models, practices, methods, and ethical guidelines for braiding Indigenous knowledge together with current scientific practices.

Training the Next-Generation STEM Workforce

The Core Summer Internship Program at UMass Amherst offers undergraduates hands-on research experience in state-of-the-art labs along with valuable soft-skills training.

Probing the Mysteries of Language

Through an independent research study of her own design, Emily Knick ‘23 is investigating how languages evolve and what such changes can teach us about how the brain produces and perceives language.

Illuminating the Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy

As part of the global Event Horizon Telescope research consortium, UMass Amherst astronomers are capturing unprecedented images and testing current theories about the universe.

Research Driving Transportation Improvements

In close partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), the UMass Transportation Center (UMTC) advances transportation mobility and safety through research, training, and workforce development.

Getting Into the (Micro)Flow of Research

In Sarah Perry's microfluidics course, students get hands-on research experience with real-world applications.

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