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Research Stories Archive-2021

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Advancing Equitable Diversity in the Workplace

The UMass Amherst Center for Employment Equity documents progress and promotes accountability toward the goals in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

UMass Press Showcases Outstanding Humanities Research

In 2021, the Press added works to its acclaimed long-running series and prepared to launch new series in emerging fields.

Facilitating a Fast and Fair Energy Transition

The Energy Transition Institute is paving the way for a more environmentally sustainable and just energy system.

Uncovering the Back Story of Earth's Varied Landscapes

Geosciences graduate student Karin Lehnigk is studying the role ancient floods played in shaping the topography of Earth—and Mars.

Through the Looking Glass

By turning custom scientific instruments imagined by researchers into a reality, the Scientific Glassblowing Laboratory helps make discovery possible.

Supporting Adaptation to Climate Change

One of nine regional centers managed by the U.S. Geological Survey National Climate Adaptation Science Center, the Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center (NE CASC) works with natural and cultural resource managers to help fish, wildlife, and ecosystems adapt to the impacts of climate change.

From Bog to Table

For over 100 years and counting, the UMass Cranberry Station has invigorated the Commonwealth’s cranberry industry through research and innovation.

Unlocking Our Personal Health Through Smart(er) Wearables

With the recent explosion in popularity of smart watches and other wearable health monitors, UMass Amherst scientists are designing the next generation of devices, which could revolutionize personal health and healthcare.

Lessons From COVID-19

From faculty who stepped up to contribute to the emergency response to those who found themselves in the midst of an unprecedented natural experiment, UMass Amherst researchers have studied the pandemic’s influence from a variety of angles.

A Work Revolution?

UMass Amherst faculty share what has been learned as a result of the natural experiment in remote work prompted by COVID-19.

Forging the Future of Food

A multidisciplinary team of UMass Amherst food scientists is working to develop the next generation of plant-based meat substitutes that are tastier, more realistic, healthier, and more versatile than the current offerings on the market—and ultimately, will revolutionize the way we eat.