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Research Stories Archive-2023

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Developing a Robot Guide Dog for People with Visual Impairment

PhD student Hochul Hwang’s robotics, computer vision, and human-computer interaction research seeks to design robots that can improve the mobility of blind and visually impaired individuals. 

Meeting the Needs of Learners in Educational Testing

In the UMass Amherst College of Education's Center for Educational Assessment, PhD and MEd students help develop student-centered tests, putting their classroom learning to work in the real world. 

A Hands-On Lesson in Physical Computing

In a popular UMass Amherst computer course, students put their programming skills and creativity to work to invent innovative DIY projects. 

Blazing a Trail for Massachusetts in Advanced Metaoptics

UMass Amherst and industry partner EMA are accelerating development and adoption of critical emerging metalense technology in the commonwealth, with applications ranging from smart glasses to medical imaging to self-driving vehicles.  

Food is Medicine

UMass Amherst researchers across multiple disciplines are studying the power of food to promote health and reduce chronic illness, often working in partnership with local community groups.  

Finding Community as an International Grad Student

Vivian Ogechi Nwadiaru, a UMass Amherst PhD candidate from Nigeria, conducts research to reduce costs and advance an equitable energy transition in low-income communities and countries.  

Improving the Lives of Older Adults Through AI

The Massachusetts AI and Technology Center for Connected Care in Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease (MassAITC) at UMass Amherst fosters research and innovation to promote healthy aging and enhance health care.

Ushering in a New Generation of Green Electronics

Two UMass Amherst professors—a microbiologist and an electrical engineer—combine their expertise to develop cutting-edge, biologically produced electronics that can generate electricity, serve as powerful sensors, and more.

Promoting Human Security Around the World

The Human Security Lab at UMass Amherst conducts research in service of protecting vulnerable populations from violence, conflict, human rights abuses, economic inequality, and other threats to human freedom, dignity, and physical safety.

A New View of Earth's Waters

 NASA’s Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission, in which UMass Amherst researchers play a range of important roles, will reveal unprecedented observations about water and climate on a global scale.

Confronting a Public Health Threat in the Great Outdoors

The New England Center of Excellence in Vector-Borne Diseases (NEWVEC), headquartered at UMass Amherst, promotes collaborative research and outreach aimed at more effective control of ticks and mosquitoes.

Research to Help Prepare for the Next 'Big One'

UMass Amherst Earth, Geographic, and Climate Sciences doctoral student’s research on earthquakes aims to inform building codes, disaster relief plans, and other aspects of public policy.

Containing the Green Invasion

With an eye to climate change, Bethany Bradley’s Spatial Ecology Lab at UMass Amherst is doing actionable scientific research to mitigate the damaging effects of invasive plant species.

Lessons From a Whistleblower

The archive of political activist Daniel Ellsberg, housed at UMass Amherst, offers researchers unparalleled access to some of the most critical episodes and issues facing American society.

Where Has All the Soil Gone?

UMass Amherst geologist and geochemist Isaac Larsen's research group is investigating the erosion of topsoil in America's heartland, which could have serious consequences for the country's food production and more.

Moving the Valley Forward

In partnership with the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority, UMass Amherst faculty and students are conducting community-engaged research to enhance environmental justice via access to transit.