With advances in wireless technology, “smart” computing components are now embedded in the systems we use every day. Here at the UMass Amherst College of Engineering, we tackle everything from the design and security of these innovative sensing devices to the interconnection of their associated components, as well as the analytics to transform data into actionable information that can be utilized to enhance our lives.

We are developing wearable bioimpedance devices to monitor for heart failure in patients in their homes; we are creating neuromorphic computing fabrics based on memristor technology that can be integrated with sensors, such as digital cameras, to perform event-driven decision making at the edge; we are designing autonomous wireless IoT networks using AI/ML techniques.

Our Microwave Remote Sensing Lab and the Paros Center for Atmospheric Research work to improve hazardous weather predictions, alert systems, and policies that will save lives. The UMass Transportation Center, UMass Air, and Human Performance Lab work on intelligent transportations systems and smart cities, including the use of unoccupied aerial systems for roadway & environmental monitoring.