Climate change is one of the most pressing scientific challenges our society faces—as is reversing the environmental impacts of manufacturing and energy production and consumption. Our faculty is focused on not only finding solutions to these challenges, but ensuring that these solutions are equitable and just. 

Our faculty are actively innovating in a variety of areas, including:

  • 'green' electronics made from biomaterials
  • catalytic materials for advanced energy & chemical production
  • systems for remote monitoring of groundwater
  • water resource planning & modeling; urban water infrastructure
  • embedded/IoT/mobile/satellite systems & machine learning to measure & manage infrastructure
  • Offshore wind and marine wave, tidal & thermal energy conversion
  • Sustainable materials
  • distributed software systems with an emphasis on improving efficiency & sustainability
  • Drinking water treatment & combatting PFAS in water supplies
  • PECs for solar fuel generation & environmental remediation
  • equitable pathways to a net-zero energy system

Sustainability is a foundational thread in the very fabric of our college. Read about our vision for a new Sustainable Engineering Laboratories building.