What I Do


A very cross-disciplinary field of science that requires the skills of an electrical engineer, knowledge of biology and chemistry, multiple. It also goes along with essential knowledge of nanoscience and nanotechnology, multiplied by cleanroom fabrication skills.

Wearable and Implantable Technologies

Perpahs a subdivision of bioelectronics, but this is where nanotechnology and nanoengineering will have the most effect on my opinion. Downsizing and advancing technology will give humankind knowledge of the brain, the body, and related diseases.

2D Materials

Layered atomically thin 2D materials boomed in material science and electronics over a decade ago. It is becoming more evident that 2D materials will play an immense role in the development of next-generation healthcare tools.

Advanced Systems

With the ever-evolving bioelectronic devices, novel elements must be integrated with the current technology. Ideally, there must be developed a system similar to CMOS, that could integrate different atomically thin materials in one fabrication platform, making conductors, transistors, resistors, LEDs, and memory devices all in a single line.

Lab website: https://kireevlab.com/