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We recognize that there are many uncertainties related to COVID-19 and that the response to this unprecedented pandemic is rapidly evolving on a day to day basis.  While we are currently moving forward with graduate assistantships for Summer 2020 as planned, in the event that campus closure and social distancing measures stretch into part or all of the summer session, this program may be postponed or canceled.  IALS has created a number of contingencies to try and ensure that this is the absolute last resort action, and we are committed to providing graduate student assistantships and training in the Core Facilities as long as we are able to do so adequately and safely – while prioritizing the health and well-being of our students and our Core Facility staff.

Stay safe!  For more information, please visit:

Providing STEM Students Hands-On Training in a Real World Lab Setting

Note: The application period has been closed and the interns for Summer 2020 have been selected. 

The Core Summer Internship (CSI) Program aims to provide hands-on experiential research & technical training to UMass undergraduate students from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

The key objectives of the CSI Program are to:

  • Build and grow a competitive and industry-relevant on-campus internship opportunity for UMass undergraduate students.
  • Provide in-depth technical training in cutting-edge research equipment facilities, research methods, and data analysis.
  • Expose students to a range of interdisciplinary research culture and team science.
  • Sharpen professional development skills & understanding of business & business development practices.
  • Foster a healthy, vibrant, and inclusive community of students from a variety of different disciplines and areas of interest.  

Funding for the Undergraduate Core Summer Internship Program is made possible by the College of Natural Sciences, the College of Information & Computer Science, the College of Engineering, the School of Public Health & Health Sciences, the Office of the Provost, the Office of Research & Engagement, and the Institute for Applied Life Sciences.

We plan to expand the program to include industry co-sponsored internships for Summer 2020.

What Makes Us Unique

The Core Internship Program is a paid, undergraduate internship.  Interns will be expected to work 320 hours over the course of the summer.  The program has three major components:

1. Research Experience in the UMass Core Facilities (300 hours)

Student interns will work hand-in-hand with Core Facility Directors to support advanced research originating from both academic and industry-sponsored projects.  Interns will use state-of-the-art technologies, and learn valuable, real-world technical skills to help launch their careers in Biotech, Advanced Manufacturing, Clinical & Academic Research and more! Students will apply to a specific facility of their choosing.

2. Professional Skill Development Workshop (10 hours)

Interns will attend weekly workshops focusing on how to thrive and advance their careers through the development of 1) a professional mindset, 2) an understanding of team building and team settings, 3) effective communication skills, and 4) key leadership skills.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Develop industry-relevant professional ‘soft’ skills to increase career-readiness.
  2. Understand work culture, and anticipate professional expectations.
  3. Develop effective verbal and written communication skills.
  4. Navigate professional ethics, and develop key emotional & cultural intelligence.
  5. Understand team and how to function in a team setting.
  6. Become familiar with leadership & management skills.

3. Core Internship Community (10 hours)

Interns will meet weekly for Tea & Sympathy hour – an informal hour to connect with other interns, share your experience, talk about the fun science you’re working on, and eat delicious snacks.
The program also organizes a number of internship outings!

Any questions should be directed to Hannah Choi, Student Outreach Coordinator, at

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Summer Core Interns

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