The PhD program in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) prepares students for research careers in industry, academia, and national laboratories. A dissertation presenting significant new information is the primary requirement of the degree.

A master's degree is NOT required to apply to the PhD program. Prospective students with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research or a relevant field can apply directly to a PhD program via an MS or PhD path.

Other requirements for the PhD degree include:

  • a minimum of 1 academic year in residency (defined as 1 continuous academic year of full-time graduate work at 9 credits per semester)
  • Guidance Committee certification that the candidate is qualified to pursue a PhD 
  • successful completion of a preliminary comprehensive examination
  • an approved dissertation proposal
  • attendance of the weekly seminar
  • completion of an approved course curriculum
  • a PhD dissertation and a final oral examination

The MIE Department does not require students to demonstrate competency in a foreign language.

Direct questions to:  miegraddepartment [at] umass [dot] edu (miegraddepartment[at]umass[dot]edu)