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Goessmann Laboratory

Chemical Engineering Department
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Abdelrahman Research Group

Twitter: @Omar_WithABeard

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Satisfying the demand for fuels and chemicals via the efficient and sustainable utilization of our carbon resources is one of the defining challenges of the 21st century. Catalysis will play a central role in satisfying these vital needs by rendering existing processes more efficient as well as finding novel solutions to satisfy our chemical and energy needs.

Research in our group focuses on developing fundamental understandings relevant to catalytic surfaces and its application to sustainable technologies, facilitating the utilization of existing and non-conventional carbon resources. Interests in the group branch into three main focuses on catalyst discovery, characterization and kinetic modelling. Our catalyst discovery efforts are currently focused on the design of active and stable solid base catalysts, as well as coupling them with other catalytic functionalities (metal, acid) to create new and exciting bifunctional materials. Crucial to attaining this goal is the characterization of the active catalytic site, we therefore also seek to develop characterization tools that can provide an intimate understanding of the catalytic materials we create. Ultimately, newly designed catalysts are applied to relevant chemistries and better understood through kinetic studies, applying microkinetic modelling to unravel energetic landscapes on a catalyst’s surface.