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Conte Polymer Science Building

120 Governors Dr
Amherst, MA 01003
United States


The Granick Research Group works across disciplines, especially at the nexus of chemistry/physics, biology, and biotechnology, choosing problems of both fundamental and applied interest. Major current research thrusts include: 1) single-molecule characterization using fluorescence imaging, thermal imaging, and liquid-phase TEM, 2) active materials, cell-cell communication, and molecular rheology. We collaborate closely with leading researchers in other labs inside UMass, at other universities, at national labs, and in industry. Students gain broad training and enjoy their research.

The goal of this research group is to understand fundamental materials processes and to develop new ones. I work hard to educate students who, with hard work and good luck, after graduation will become successful at whatever they choose to do. I believe that if we can understand everyday life, we can help to improve it. I believe in being curious about the world.

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