College Quick Reference

This page provides a quick reference to the offices, services, and resources available to staff, faculty, and students who work in the College of Education. 
(NOTE: this page is in its initial stages of drafting. Contact Julie Pallant or Fred Zinn with any suggestions or corrections.)

Download this Quick Reference Guide (pdf) for a printable sheet with a summary of the information below (requires login to access.) 

Addressing Urgent and Emergency Situations

For urgent building and facilities issues (e.g., stuck in elevator, water leak) contact the UMass Amherst Facilities Solutions Center at 413-545-6401 (available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.)

For emergencies involving fire, potential loss of life, bodily injury, life-threatening or criminal activity, chemicals or other environmental hazards, do not call the Solutions Center! Call 911 if using a campus phone. If using a cell or off-campus phone, direct dial 413-545-2121. 

For students, faculty, and staff in crisis, refer to UMass Amherst Crisis Resources (a.k.a the "Maroon Folder.") 

Students in need of urgent financial assistance can apply to the College of Education Student Emergency Fund.

Who Can Help Me With

Questions related to  Start Here  Office People
Technical & technology support
(e.g. computers, classroom AV, equipment loans, equipment purchases, network access)

EdTech Portal

Furcolo W109
Hours: M-Th 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. and Friday 10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

  • Student Staff of Help Desk in W109
  • Jim Smith
  • Julie Pallant 
Building and space issues
(e.g. reserving rooms, heat/air, door access, keys)

Facilities Portal

Financial Services Office
Furcolo 130 or email

Hours: Mon/Wed 8:30-4:30, Tues/Thurs/Fri remote, or email

  • Hillary Osgood 
  • Lucas Iain 
Office supplies and other purchasing support Financial Services Office (see above)
  • Lucas Iain
  • Nicole Cloutier
  • Christine Quinones
  • Hillary Osgood
Communications within and about the college
(e.g. newsletters, mailing lists, advertising, social media, website, branding)

Communications Form

Communications & Marketing
Furcolo W106
  • Wes DeShano
Hiring and personnel issues
(e.g. hiring process, search support, time reporting, policies)

Student Hiring Form

Human Resources (HR) Office 
Furcolo W101
Hours: M-W 9-4, Remote Th, F, or email

  • Susan Martin
  • Hillary Osgood

Undergraduate programs 
(e.g. advising, program requirements, advice, enrollments, academic support),

Advising Center
Furcolo W144
Hours: 9-4

  • Ben Rodriguez
  • Mike Hanna
  • Camille Cammack
Graduate programs
(e.g. program requirements, forms, policy interpretation, student support)

Graduate Programs Office
Furcolo W114
Hours: M-Th 9:00-4:00, F 9:00-Noon

  • Kristin Tyler
  • Shane Hammond
Educator Preparation and licensure 
(e.g. licensure requirements, licensure forms, TK20 support, policy interpretation, progress checks, program support)

EdPrep Portal

TK20 issues

Educator Preparation Office
Furcolo S103
Hours: 8:00-4:00 or by email

  • Robert Heath
  • Seung-eun Lee
  • Anthony Eastmond
  • Carmelo Chiello
  • Bev Bell
Educational Policy, Research and Administration (EPRA) departmental logistics
(e.g. department coordination, course scheduling, student hiring, faculty personnel matters, tracking graduate student progress.)  
EPRA department page

EPRA Department
Furcolo N122

  • Jennifer Southgate
  • Bjorn Nordveit (chair)

Student Development (SD) departmental logistics
(e.g. department coordination, course scheduling, student hiring, faculty personnel matters, tracking graduate student progress.)  

SD department page 

SD Department
Furcolo S162


  • Emily Walker
  • Linda Griffin (chair)

Teacher Education Curriculum Studies (TECS) departmental logistics
(e.g. department coordination, course scheduling, student hiring, faculty personnel matters, tracking graduate student progress.)  

TECS department page

TECS Department
Furcolo W205

  • Sovann-Malis Loeung
  • Becky McEneaney (chair)

Program-specific issues and logistics 
(e.g. requirements, course of study, program-specific advising & coordination) 

Program pages see program coordinator  
Online program design, logistics, and teaching support
(e.g. remote teaching support, new program development, current program support, online course design, platform support)

Digital Learning Resources page

Online Programs and Digital Learning
Furcolo W106
Hours 8:30-4:30 or by email

  • Fred Zinn
  • Kate Hudson
Online program student support
(e.g. recruitment, advising, tracking)

Higher Education Leadership online:

International Education online:

Early Grade Reading online:

Online Programs and Digital Learning
contact via email

  • Annie Stephany
  • Kate Hudson 
Grants and research support
(e.g. receiving, applying or monitoring grants)

Office of Research and Engagement (ORE)
Furcolo 130
Hours: 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

  • Brian Case
  • Christine Dolgas
  • Christine Quinones
  • Cristine Smith
Diversity and equity issues in the college  Diversity and Equity
Furcolo 120
  • Benita Barnes
Questions about academic issues (not covered above)

Advising Center
Furcolo W114

  • Mike Hannah
  • Shane Hammond
Questions about the College
(Not sure who can help? Send your question here)

Dean's Office
Furcolo W111
Hours: 8:30-4:30

  • Sarah Calle
  • Cynthia Gerstl-Pepin (dean)


Where Can I Find 

Resource Maintained by
Academic Calendar UMass Amherst Provost Office

People & Offices

People at UMass Amherst (Peoplefinder) UMass Amherst IT 
People in the College of Education College of Education
Directory of Offices - College of Education College of Education


Graduate Student Handbook - College of Education (pdf) College of Education - Graduate Programs Office
Higher Education Leadership and Administration Online Graduate Certificate Student Handbook  (pdf) College of Education - Higher Education Online
Higher Education Online Master's Student Handbook (pdf) College of Education - Higher Education Online
MSLT Doctoral Program Handbook (pdf) College of Education - MSLT


Degree Forms and Milestones - College of Education College of Education - Academic Affairs
Faculty Additional Compensation Request - College of Education  College of Education - Financial Services/Human Resources
Purchasing & Reimbursement - College of Education College of Education - Financial Services
Student Hiring Form  College of Education - Financial Services/Human Resources
Communications Form - report news, request materials, submit website updates College of Education - Communications

Resource Collections 

Resources for Current Students in the College of Education College of Education - Academic Affairs
Resources for Current Undergraduate Students in the College of Education College of Education - Undergraduate Programs
Resources for Current Graduate Students in the College of Education  College of Education - Graduate Programs Office
Library Resources for Education (LibGuide)  UMass Amherst Libraries - Steve McGinty, Education Librarian


Communications and Marketing Resources (request form, news sharing, branding guides, templates)  College of Education - Communications
Social media accounts for the College
Facebook (UMassCollegeofEd)
Instagram (@umasseduc)
Twitter (@umasseduc)
College of Education - Communications


Specific Questions & Who Can Help

(Suggest additional questions or other revisions via the Education Communications Request form.)  

Help Purchasing Technology (e.g. computers, laptops, printers, tablets)

For help with technology purchases, contact EdTech at

EdTech can offer advice on best products to buy, help coordinate MSP computer replacements, support purchases of equipment with startup funds. 

Help Ordering or Accessing Office Supplies

For help accessing or ordering office supplies send an email to   Office supplies for the college are located in W262.   Your UCard should allow you to access the room.