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Resources compiled by the UMass Amherst College of Education for teachers in schools, educators in any setting, and parents.

Writing Resources

Bookcase for Young Writers

Dozens of virtual shelves filled with literature, apps, and interactive digital tools to inspire children from preschool and kindergarten through the upper elementary grades to become confident, expressive, creative young writers. 

Digital Connections Toolkit

Tools, apps and software for inspiring and supporting young writers. 

History Resources


More than 800 individual pages of teaching and learning resources for history and social studies learning, K to 12.

Democracy for All: Interactive Explorations of Government and Civic Life

Free online eBook for learning about civics and government with student learning activities and interactive resources.

Interdisciplinary Resources

Interdisciplinary STEAM Activities at Home

Interdisciplinary google doc of activities featuring many ideas from edtech resources.

Doors to the World

Explore books from and about different countries and cultures. Discover rich background and teaching resources for each book including online mutimodal resources for you and your students; information about authors, illustrators, artistic media, and genres; and links to country maps. 

Remote Teaching Resources

Teaching Remotely in Times of Need

A collection of tools and strategies for teaching remotely/online.