UMass Amherst and College of Education Contact Information

Main Address

University of Massachusetts Amherst 
College of Education
813 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, Massachusetts 01003

Undergraduate Advising and Educator Licensure Office

Education Exploratory Track
W151 Furcolo
(413) 545-6107

Educator Information Office
Education Minor & Pre-Licensure Program information
W120A Furcolo
(413) 545-2002

Educator Licensure
W144 Furcolo
(413) 545-2701

Education Major- Early Childhood Concentration
W120A Furcolo
(413) 545-2002

Department of Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies

John Ciampa, Department Administrator
W207 Furcolo
(413) 545-0246

Department of Student Development

Judy Pierce, Department Administrator
S162 Furcolo
(413) 545-3610

Department of Educational Policy, Research, & Administration

Jennifer Southgate, Department Administrator
N122 Furcolo
(413) 545-2288

Office of Research & Engagement

130 Furcolo

Office of Academic Affairs 

W114 Furcolo
(413) 545-6984
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Financial Services

W109 Furcolo
(413) 545-0956

Graduate Admissions Office 

Graduate School
Goodell Building, Room 530
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst, Massachusetts 01003
(413) 545-0722

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