The Student Union at UMass Amherst

Submit to Inside UMass: Procedures and Guidelines


Please consider the following guidelines, then select the Submit to Inside UMass button above and send your submissions.

  • Submissions should be made via Inside UMass web form. A link to the submission form is featured at the bottom, right side of the page.
  • Submissions should be received by 5 p.m. Tuesday to be considered for that week's Inside UMass. At editor’s discretion, some stories may be held until the following week.
  • Submissions will be considered by an editorial team. All stories run will be timely news items relevant to UMass faculty, staff and students. The newsletter features news stories without advertisements.
  • Submissions should be a first draft of the proposed story, written in full-sentences, in style and tone similar to other Inside UMass stories. While fliers and posters can be a helpful visual aid, a written description of events or news gives the editors context for the story.
  • All submissions will be edited to reflect Associated Press and UMass Amherst style guidelines. Submissions may also be edited for length or clarity at the editor’s discretion.
  • Submitting a photo with your news story is strongly encouraged. Photos are featured beside stories in the newsletter email and on the websites. In the editors’ experience, stories with appealing visual content receive more views than those without. Stories should be submitted with an accompanying photo. If photos are from an event or include multiple people, please include a suggested caption describing when and where the photo was taken and names of the people in it, starting on the left. Alternative photos may be used at the editor’s discretion.
  • The submission form only allows one photo attachment. If additional photos are available and appropriate, please email, and include captions in the body of the email.
  • Links with more information are encouraged and welcome.
  • Due to a high volume of submissions, calls for study participants will be run once. For ongoing studies, submissions may be considered once a semester.
  • During the semester, the newsletter is sent via email weekly each Thursday. During semester break and around holidays, the newsletter will be sent on a more limited schedule.
  • Please contact if you have any questions.