Student Life

UMass Amherst and Mantra Health Announce Partnership to Expand Psychiatry Services for Students

A partnership with Mantra Health to supplement the high-quality, evidence-based psychiatry services offered to students at UMass Amherst was recently announced.

This deal expands upon Mantra Health's existing relationship with the UMass System, following a partnership with UMass Lowell that began in October 2021.

As part of the partnership with UMass Amherst which began in November, Mantra Health now provides short-term psychiatry services to students, supplementing and expanding upon the institution’s existing mental health offerings. Mantra Health services are currently available to all undergraduate and graduate students at UMass Amherst and UMass Lowell who are located in Massachusetts. 

"Mantra Health and UMass Amherst share a similar clinical approach and commitment to student mental health success. This partnership is very much a collaborative effort," said Ed Gaussen, Co-Founder and President of Mantra Health. "Along with UMass Lowell, we are looking forward to further growing our relationship with the UMass System and working closely with UMass Amherst."

Led by the director Melissa Rotkiewicz, UMass Amherst's Center for Counseling and Psychological Health (CCPH) offers clinical and wellness services to students on campus, including crisis intervention, short-term psychotherapy, support and therapy groups, psychological assessment, behavioral medicine, psychiatric services, and eating disorder consultations. Through this partnership, the CCPH and Mantra Health work in concert to address the growing demand of students seeking mental health services.

“Working with Mantra Health allows us to better meet the ever-changing mental health needs of our student population. This partnership is a valuable complement to the resources that we already offer on-campus,” said Rotkiewicz. “Mantra Health’s services are easy to access, students have more options for providers, and we’ve experienced an average of just six days between referral and first visit.”

Learn more about Mantra Health's comprehensive clinical approach to digital mental health care on Mantra's website