Call for Letters of Intent: 2021 Manning/IALS Innovation Awards

Letters of intent submissions for the 2021 Manning/IALS Innovation Awards are now being accepted. These awards are designed to advance translational and applied research and development efforts through the development of startup companies or the out-licensing of UMass intellectual property.

Scope and Eligibility:  

Eligibility: The primary investigator (PI) must be a UMass Amherst faculty member. Applicant team members may include co-founders/leadership teams of a UMass startup venture. 

Funding: Up to $100,000 of funding based on milestones with no indirect costs. Manning/IALS funding must be expended within eighteen months.

Letters of Intent are due Tuesday, June 1st.  For the full call for letters of intent, visit the Manning/IALS webpage.

Attendance at a 2021 Manning/IALS Information Session is a prerequisite to submit a letter of intent:

Attendance by lead faculty PIs is mandatory for one of the three sessions as a prerequisite to submit a letter of intent. Affiliated graduate students, business mentors, and/or startup co-founders are welcome to attend with the PIRegistration is required. 

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