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UMass Applied Proof-of-Concept (POC) Seed Fund Program

 Open to ALL IALS Faculty and ALL UMass Amherst associated Startup/Pre-Startup Ventures


The 2020 award winners have been selected. A big thank you to all of our reviewers!

Manning Award winners:

Barbara Osborne, veterinary & animal sciences, for “developing novel therapeutics to treat inflammatory bowel disease by bacterial exopolysaccharides.”
David Julian McClements, food science, for “Nutriply – a start-up developing probiotics in gummy form, making them easier to use.”
Sloan Siegrist, microbiology, for “developing a diagnostic for detecting blood-borne pathogenic bacteria, sepsis.”

IALS Award winners:

Neil Forbes, chemical engineering, to “demonstrate the efficacy of a novel bacterial therapeutic, EBT-302, for treatment of liver cancer” by start-up Ernest Pharmaceuticals.
Amir Arbabi, electrical and computer engineering, to develop “metasurface-enabled miniature LIDAR systems” for robotics, automatic guided vehicles and integration into smartphones.
James Allan, computer science, to develop software tools aimed at “explaining contradictory claims in the biomedical/healthcare domain.”

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Stay tuned for information on applying for the 2021 IALS/Manning awards.

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