A student poses in front of the London Bridge.

Study Abroad at UMass

With hundreds of programs in 56 countries across six continents to choose from, each UMass Amherst student who embarks on a study abroad journey will have a truly unique experience.

Choose Your Global Path

At UMass Amherst, excellence extends far beyond the classroom. International learning opportunities expose our students to cultures and customs different from their own, immerse them in environments where they can develop foreign language skills, and can provide a career boost by signaling greater global awareness to potential employers.

Our International Programs Office (IPO) works to connect UMass students with the study abroad program that's right for them—and helps them every step of the way, providing peer advising, application assistance, financial guidance, health and safety guidelines, and travel dos and don'ts.

International Opportunities

Shown below are a handful of the 300+ programs UMass students can choose from. Through these opportunities abroad, students travel to 56 countries across six continents. Many programs are unique to UMass Amherst, with rich histories and established partnerships in other countries. Through the UMass Abroad Portal, students can take an online quiz to match them with the right program based on their interests, field of study, and locations they'd like to visit.

A student walks through the Oxford University campus.

Founded in 1966, this is one of the oldest American summer programs at Oxford University. Guided by its original intention, the program introduces students to the best of Oxford University's academic and social traditions. Participants can explore England and Europe, both on their own and through guided field trips.

Salamanca, Spain

Students are immersed in Spanish language and culture in the historic city of Salamanca through studying at the oldest university in Spain—the Universidad de Salamanca—while living in a vibrant college town that attracts students from all over the world.

A young woman explores London.

Designed specifically for incoming first-year students, this program provides opportunities to analyze and explore the dynamic global city of London as students build skills and knowledge they'll carry throughout their UMass careers and beyond.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Based in Dubrovnik, Croatia—a picturesque, medieval city in the heart of the Adriatic Sea—this program lets students earn credit for upper-division public health courses taught by UMass Public Health and Health Sciences faculty. 

A hand washing station constructed by UMass students at the Kyakaleli nursery in Kenya.

Engineers Without Borders is a student-run organization dedicated to working with local and international communities to create sustainable, community-driven engineering solutions to improve quality of life. The UMass Amherst chapter operates programs with communities in Saviefe-Deme, Ghana, and Nguluni, Kenya.

A man feeds an elephant in Thailand.

Animal science and pre-veterinary majors gain hands-on experience in elephant sanctuaries, zoos, veterinary hospitals, and marine conservation centers; work with veterinarians in the field; and explore different parts of Thailand—such as the mountains and jungles around Chiang Mai, the metropolis of Bangkok, and the island of Koh Tao.

Students hike through Patagonia in Chile.

In Patagonia, glaciers and volcanoes form a landscape unlike any other. Students spend a semester amid soaring peaks, narrow fjords, and fields of ice as they study conservation and climate change. With the Torres del Paine National Park as the classroom, students conduct an extensive research project in the field.

Haley Kaye and friends.

While abroad, I met new best friends and explored one of the greatest, coolest places in the world with them. For me—and for so many others—studying abroad is not just a way to enhance your education, but a way to get out into the world and explore.

Haley Kaye '24 attended the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, known as "the Centro," in Rome.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our students abroad are top priorities; students are provided with health and safety guidelines and protocols that play an important role in successful study abroad experiences.

Identity, Access & Inclusion

Cultures vary widely in terms of how different identities are defined and understood, including nationality; race and ethnicity; religion; gender; sexual orientation; disability; and socioeconomic diversity. At UMass, we believe there is value in studying abroad for all identities. We're committed to offering accessible experiences to students of all backgrounds and can provide specialized support to students traditionally underrepresented in education abroad. The IPO's Special Topics Sessions—recorded 30-minute roundtable discussions featuring stories and advice from returned students and Education Abroad staff—have covered subjects like "LGBTQIA+ Travelers Abroad" and "Race and Ethnicity: Exploring Identities Abroad."


We believe that all students should have access to study abroad experiences, regardless of socioeconomic background. The IPO provides financial support and guidance for students and their families, and can connect them with study abroad scholarships for which they might be eligible.