EA Health & Safety

The Education Abroad Team in the International Programs Office is committed to your health and safety while abroad. Provided on these pages are general health and safety guidelines, following these protocols will play an important role in a successful study abroad experience. Please review this important information by clicking "Staying Healthy Abroad" or "Staying Safe Abroad" from the left.

Check out these Travel Tips to know before you go abroad! 

UMass International Travel Emergency Insurance 

UMass Amherst students traveling abroad on approved programs are covered by the UMass International Travel Emergency Insurance. Please click here for the insurance policy brochureThis coverage is intended to provide the first line of coverage for emergency or medically-urgent issues while abroad. Students are still required to maintain their primary health insurance coverage while abroad. 

Students that have the university health plan as their insurance and are studying abroad will automatically be removed from the university health plan for the semester they are abroad. In order to maintain coverage, students must print, fill out, sign and submit the health plan enrollment form found at Patient Services in UHS.

Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault Studying Abroad

If you are a survivor of sexual misconduct that occurred abroad, what happened to you was not your fault. The university's commitment to fostering an environment free from gender discrimination (including discrimination based on gender identity and expression), sexual harassment, and sexual violence extends to all students studying abroad. There are both confidential and private resources available to you, please visit the UMass Title IX website for more information.