Photo of light skinned woman's face in front of a grey background. She has medium length, straight hair and her face has clusters of tubular pasta on it arranged to resemble sea coral. One eye has dark orange petals arranged over her eyelashes to resemble a flower.

Sirintip - Art Sustainability Activism


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Saturday, October 14, 2023


Goodell Lawn


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Fine Arts Center


This solar-powered, carbon-neutral concert is open to the public and presented as part of Family Weekend at UMass Amherst. Thai-Swedish multimodal artist, singer and producer Sirintip creates works that center climate action through empathy and meaningful connections. Ethereal and impassioned, Sirintip’s vocals move nimbly across sophisticated harmony, soar over dense walls of sound, and pulse through rhythmic modulations. Through her work, Sirintip seeks to create bridges of empathy. She aims to uncover and create connections through her music and her interdisciplinary works, arriving at moments of greater understanding. Over the next seven years she plans to shift her entire creative process into a sustainable practice. 

Featuring new music commissioned by Fine Arts Center in tribute to world-famous composer and climate activist Ryuichi Sakamoto.
This event is part of Art Sustainability Activism (ASA) and the Asian and Asian American Arts and Culture Program.