CWC YIS Bystander Moment Scholarship  $1000 for telling us about your YIS: Your Intervention Strategies Bystander Moment.  Deadline 3/19/23

CWC YIS Scholarship Accepting Applications

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Center for Women & Community



In honor of the Center for Women & Community’s (CWC) 50th Anniversary we are delighted to announce the YIS Scholarship for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. 

YIS: Your Intervention Strategies represent bystander options to make a difference in our community. Applicants will share their “YIS Moment” – a time they stepped in as an active bystander – in a short essay or video.

Two $1000 awards will be given to acknowledge UMass undergraduates who have stepped up as active bystanders using YIS strategies. Recipients will receive their award at CWC’s 50th Anniversary Exhibit on April 4th.