CWC YIS Scholarship: My UMass Bystander Moment



YIS: Your Intervention Strategies represent bystander options to make a difference in our community. 

A 'YIS Moment’ is an action that helps create a safe and welcoming community, such as:   

  • Supporting a friend through a hard time.  
  • Transforming our community through collective action, like advocating for policy change. 
  • Educating a friend when they say or do something harmful.   
  • Leading a direct response to prevent a violent situation from occurring.   
  • Empowering others to make a difference.   

Learn about your bystander strengths by taking the YIS Quiz.  


CWC YIS Scholarship 

The CWC YIS Scholarship was launched to honor CWC’s 50th Anniversary by celebrating students who take initiative to create a safe and welcoming UMass community.  

 The 2024 application cycle has ended. Check back here or follow CWC on social media to be notified about the next opportunity to apply.