Smart communities are interconnected.  They are resilient, sustainable, & inclusive— bringing together people, data & technology to enhance & save lives.  

Autonomous wireless IoT networks provide the foundation for sharing and gathering data—and for optimizing anything from roadway infrastructure, to energy generation, to the delivery of emergency services & healthcare.  At UMass Amherst we have expertise in embedded/IoT/mobile/satellite systems & machine learning to measure and manage infrastructure. 

Our Brack Structural Testing Facility enables testing of full-size structural elements and supports work involving sustainable buildings & bridge components by experimenting with new materials and methods— testing their endurance & strength. The UMass Transportation Center conducts cutting-edge research on all aspects of transportation including operations & management; safety; sustainability, autonomous vehicles; intelligent transportation systems; policy & emission modeling; & human factors.  In the Energy Transition Institute we are designing equitable pathways to a net-zero energy system.

Read about our vision for a Sustainable Engineering Laboratories "living lab" building.