UMass Transit, in partnership with the UMass Transportation Center and CTtransit, is pleased to offer a Certificate in Transit Management and Operations to both undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Massachusetts. The certificate is designed to provide opportunities for students to learn about the transit industry and to provide them with the training and tools necessary to become leaders in the field. The program has a balanced focus on academic course work and practical experience to prepare them for jobs within the transit industry, including 200+ internship hours with UMass Transit, CTtransit, or another regional transit authority.

Academic contact: Eric Gonzales, gonzales [at] umass [dot] edu (gonzales[at]umass[dot]edu)
Administrative contact: Kris Stetson, kstetson [at] ecs [dot] umass [dot] edu (kstetson[at]ecs[dot]umass[dot]edu)